Interface Summary
ConvenienceGenericDao<T,ID extends Serializable> Extends the GenericDao with a few convenience methods.
ConvenienceIdentityFixedDao<T,ID extends Serializable> A convenience DAO guaranteeing uniqueness of representatives.
DaoChangeListener This object receives change notifications from DAO change notifiers.
DaoChangeNotifier Notifies registered observers of DAO changes.
DaoRegistry A registry for DAOs.
GenericDao<T> Interface for generic DAOs.
IdentityFixedDao<T> A DAO guaranteeing uniqueness of representatives.

Class Summary
AbstractIdentityFixer Fixes object identities mangled by loosing ORM context or by remoting.
DaoChangeNotifier.Change Sent if something in this DAO view may have changed.
DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange Something about DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange.m_changee may have changed.
DaoChangeNotifier.EntityDeleted The DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange.m_changee has been deleted.
DaoChangeNotifier.EntityInserted The DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange.m_changee has been inserted.
DaoChangeNotifier.EntityStateChanged The DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange.m_changee's state has changed.
DaoChangeNotifier.NewEntityState The DaoChangeNotifier.EntityChange.m_changee has new state.
IdentityFixerCollectionField This class is container for a collection containing object, holding both the instance and the field giving access to the collection.
IdentityFixerMergePolicy This class represents a policy on how to merge object graphs in the identity fixer.

Enum Summary
IdentityFixerMergePolicy.UpdatePolicy This enumeration describes how the identity fixer should handle object updates.

Annotation Types Summary
AutocollectedGenericDao Indicates that a GenericDao implementation should be added as singleton bean to spring (and in a second step (by the @link DefaultDaoRegistry) to the DAO Registry).

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