Interface Summary
Criteria A Criteria represents some restrictions for a Query (e.g. used to get values from a database).

Class Summary
AbstractCriteria Abstract parent class for Criteria implementations.
AndCriteria Criteria that combines n Criteria with AND (i.e. all Criterias must be true).
ComparisonCriteria Criteria to compare fields to values.
CriteriaHelper Convenience support for using Criterias (from EL4J, not Hibernate Criterias).
IncludeCriteria Deprecated. no longer needed.
LikeCriteria Criteria for the like pattern.
NotCriteria A Criteria that negates the Criteria it wraps.
OrCriteria Criteria that combines n Criteria with OR (i.e. one of the Criterias must be true).
Order Represents an order imposed upon a QueryObject result set.

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