Package ch.elca.el4j.util.codingsupport

Interface Summary
SerializableEnum<T> This interface is required to persist an enum type using GenericEnumUserType.

Class Summary
AbstractComparableEnum The parent class for comparable enums using the typesafe enum pattern.
AbstractDefaultEnum The parent class for enums using the typesafe enum pattern (these enums are not comparable).
AopHelper Similar to Spring's AOPUtil class, with some more features: convenience methods to easily add advice (interceptors or mixins) programmatically to a class.
BeanPropertyUtils Utility class to get/set properties generically.
ClassUtils This class helps transforming a class or class related structures into a string representation.
CollectionUtils This class supports methods to handle with collections.
JodaTimeUtils This class is a class providing static mehtods for conversion between JodaTime formats and strings.
NumberUtils This class supports methods to handle with numbers.
ObjectUtils This class supports methods to handle with objects.
Properties Deprecated. use <util:properties> instead.
PropertiesHelper A helper class which handles the loading and storing of Properties to/from files including Spring path resolving.
Reject This class provides support for assertions and for design by contract.
Version JDK Version utilities

Exception Summary
AbstractConditionRTException This exception is a base exception class for not fulfilled conditions.
PreconditionRTException This exception will be thrown when a precondition is not fulfilled.

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