Interface Summary
ConfigLocationProvider A configuration location provider returns a list of configuration locations that is used to search for resources.
ModuleSorter This interface is used to transform the order of modules given as dependencies into a list of modules that respects the partial order.

Class Summary
AbstractOrderedConfigLocationProvider This class simplifies writing ordered configuration location providers.
DefaultModuleSorter This class sorts a list of unordered modules using their dependency information.
ListResourcePatternResolverDecorator This class resolves resources using a list of resource names to preserve a specific order.
ManifestOrderedConfigLocationProvider This configuration location provider extracts module dependency information from manifest files.
Module This class represents a simplified view of a module (EL4Ant build system unit).
OrderedPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver This class extends PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver in the way that it sorts the files in a folder alphabetically.

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