Interface Summary
ExceptionConfiguration The exception configuration is used to determine, whether a exception handler is able to handle a given exception that was thrown in a given method invocation.

Class Summary
AbstractExceptionHandlerFactoryBean Convenience factory to create exception handler proxies.
AbstractExceptionHandlerInterceptor This class provides functionality to handle exceptions centrally (with respect to a number of classes or the whole system).
ClassExceptionConfiguration This class configures an exception handler.
ContextExceptionHandlerFactoryBean Convenience factory that simplifies the creation of context exception handlers.
ContextExceptionHandlerInterceptor This class allows to handle exceptions centrally.
MethodNameExceptionConfiguration This exception configuration uses the exception class as well as the invoked method's name to specify the exception handler.
SafetyFacadeFactoryBean Convenience proxy factory for creating safety facades.
SafetyFacadeInterceptor This interceptor implements a safety facade.

Exception Summary
InappropriateHandlerException This Exception signals that the called exception handler is not responsible for the given situation.
MissingContextException This exception is thrown if the context of a context exception handler has not been set appropriately.
RetryException This exception signals a retry.

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