Class Summary
AbstractMergeAction Gathers the operation factory-related behaviour and a default configuration.
CompleteAction Copies the patch element only if it does not exist in the orginal document.
DeleteAction Keeps the original element only if it does not appear in the patch document.
DtdInsertAction Copy the patch element in the output parent with the correct position according to the DTD declared in doctype.
InsertAction Copies the patch element into the output by inserting it after already existing elements of the same name.
OrderedMergeAction Merge implementation traversing parallelly both element contents.
OverrideAction Copies the patch element if it exist in the original, keep the original if no corresponding patch element exists.
PreserveAction Copies the original regardless of the existence of patch element.
ReplaceAction Copies the patch element if it exists.
StandardActions Constants for built-in actions.

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