Interface Summary
Action Operation on two nodes creating a third node.
Configurer Applies a configuration to an XmlMerge instance.
Mapper Transforms an element to another element by changing some nested content or attributes.
Matcher Compares two elements to know if they correspond for merging.
MergeAction An action merging the contents of the specified elements.
Operation Abstraction for matchers, mappers or actions two be creatable by the same factory classes.
OperationFactory Creates operation (action, mapper and matcher) instances corresponding to a pair of elements from the original and patch DOMs.
XmlMerge Entry point for merging XML documents.

Class Summary
XmlMergeContext Holds thread local context information that would otherwise be difficult to pass into each part of the framework.

Exception Summary
AbstractXmlMergeException Base class for all exceptions thrown by XmlMerge.
ConfigurationException Thrown when something wrong happens in the XmlMerge configuration.
DocumentException Thrown when something is wrong with a source or output document.
ElementException Thrown when there is something wrong with an element.
MatchException Thrown when something is wrong in the matching process.
ParseException Thrown when XML parsing fails.

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